My Review: Best Peel & Stick Baby Nursery XLarge Wall Decal…


Best Peel & Stick Baby Nursery

XLarge Wall Decal

sold by 7ProductGroup


Product Details

ATTENTION – This is a PREMIUM product. It made of high quality and eco-friendly materials without any toxic chemicals added. Will not fall off or money back guaranty with our EXTENDED WARRANTY. Wall decals are safe options for your health. Approved by BSCI, SGS. Custom wall stickers don’t include toxic chemicals. Mess-free, no paint, no paste, no residue. Easy and quick to remove and will not damage your paint. Use this at home, office, and anywhere else! Custom wall stickers really are a cost-effective approach to remodel your room. They will inspire and motivate you. Improve the Look of Your Home with Beautiful Wall Decals Now!

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We received this wonderful set of wall decals and immediately my grandson, Landon and I set to work with hanging them on one of the walls in his playroom. He got the biggest kick out of putting the ant decals on the tree and vine after he pretended to walk all over and tickle the elephant and other animals. When I explained to him that the numbers were there so we could measure him to see how tall he is, we immediately had to measure him in at 39 centimeters on the day we received the decals and every day since then, just in case he by chance grew a couple of feet overnight, lol.

We have also measured Landon’s Uncle Nathan and his Daddy, who was taller than the tree and vine itself, so we had to improvise a little 🙂 Even though they gave us enough number decals to measure up to 170 centimeters, we only had enough room on our vine to go to 150 because Landon refused to let the vine start anywhere but at floor level, and truthfully, I’m kind of glad that we did start at the floor because it really looks cute with his whole playroom set-up. So as you can see in our picture above, we had to put his Daddy’s measurement up above the tree and vine 🙂



Here is the picture that Landon took of his wall decorated with the decals so that Grandma could share it in her review.


I have to admit that his photo is almost better than mine !!

I would definitely recommend these decals to my family, friends, and social media followers. They are so easy to stick on as well as take back off, without ruining your walls. And, they have a satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

You can purchase these great quality,

adorable wall decals on


I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. And in this specific case, some of the thoughts and opinions are also my grandson, Landon’s.

Have a great weekend !steph


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