My Missing Posts. Please read this if visiting my blog looking for a specific p, review, and/or giveaway…


Hi there!

I’d like to apologize to all of you (readers, followers, authors, book promo companies, companies who have sent me their products to review, etc) for any missing posts that I was scheduled to do within the past three days or so.

I would like to apologize straightaway for any frustrations and inconveniences that my missed posts may have caused anyone.


I know that many of you were expecting my posts to be up already, because I had agreed to post them on a specific date and time.


I have decided that I should take a moment and briefly explain not only why, but also what happened that lead to me not having some posts up and ready that were scheduled to be posted. And please know that I am in no way trying to make excuses or that I fail to accept responsibility, because there is no excuse, and I most definitely accept responsibility and feel terribly about all of this.


Unfortunately, my email has been compromised. I have been locked out of my email since late Sunday. They had temporarily suspended my account due to suspicious behavior. I had gotten a notification that someone had logged into my account from an Android device in a different city on the 18th and a couple of other dates as well. Since I only use my desktop at home, and hadn’t been in that city at all, I marked it as something I didn’t recognize and then proceeded to run a full security check and found other things I didn’t recognize as well. When I tried to secure my account by changing my password, I wasn’t abler to correctly enter my current password in order to change it. Someone had changed it already on the 18th!!

Anyways, I have finally just regained access to my email and will be working all day at catching up on my missing posts from the past couple of days.

Once again, my most sincere apologies.


I appreciate your patience and understanding while I work at not only getting up to date on all of my missing posts, but also getting all of this email security stuff resolved. I have already began taking the necessary measures to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again in the future. I also appreciate your remaining professional throughout this ordeal.

It is top priority to me that authors, other bloggers, companies, etc. that I work with and I can remain in professional working relationships and partnerships throughout this whole ordeal and also in the future. If there is anything specific that I can do in order to make this up to you and/or for you at this time, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


I truly hope that this unfortunate incident wont affect our relationships in a negative manner and that we are able to overcome any problems and/or frustrations that this may have caused any of you.



~Stephanie C



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